Drop Ship FAQ's




How Pre-Order works:

  • Please advise your client the delivery time will be 7-10 days for hair they would like freshly cut and wefted.
  • In-stock hair will ship the next day, delivery time should be quoted as 3-5 days.

(Coaching tip: consider providing a discount to encourage your client to choose a 7-10 day delivery time frame.  

How does shipping works:

  • Option 1: Have the bundles delivered directly to your clients:  Your customer will never know the hair came from us. 
  • Option 2: Have the bundles delivered directly to you for hand delivery to your client. This allows you to add your special touches to the package.

Can my own custom label be used on the product?

  • No, we do not add any special packages

I would like to have hair on hand how can I do that?

We encourage you to order hair and have it on hand. Once you purchase your drop ship membership you will be able to purchase the hair at drop ship prices.

When will I have site access?

  • You must log out of your Only Raw Hair account then log back in. You will have access immediately.

How Much Does Drop Shipping Cost?

  • Your first charge will consist of a one-time set-up fee ($99.00) + your 1st month fee of $34.99 totaling $133.99. Thereafter you will be billed the recurring monthly fee of $34.99

Do you provide samples?

  • No you must purchase a bundle at retail price if you would like to try it. You can make the purchase at www.onlyrawhair.com

Do you provide refunds?

  • All sales orders are final, no refunds or exchanges are provided to Drop Ship program members…it is up to you to provide that to your personal client


Can I cancel my drop ship membership?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. You must give a 30 day notice. 

Can I purchase drop shipping even if I have my own vendor?

  • Yes, you can.

Can I purchase vendor information and drop ship with my ORH drop ship membership?

You can purchase vendor info, wholesale from us and drop ship from us simultaneously.

  • When you're shipping the hair do you place hang tags or bundle wraps with my label or do you just send the hair? We ship the hair without any tags or labels

  • How do I place my Drop Ship Orders?
  • You will purchase your orders right through our drop ship website.

  • How do I get paid?
  • Your customer pays you.Then you would pay us for the bundles before we shipped them out.


    How much are the bundles?

    • Drop ship prices are $10-$15 more than our wholesale prices per bundle