Drop Ship Membership



How Does Drop Shipping Work

  • First pay for the drop shipping services there is a one time set up fee for $99 and a monthly fee of $34.99
  • Then you will have access to our drop ship wholesale prices
  • When your customers orders the hair from you and then you order the hair from us. You will always get paid first.
  • You then send us your customers order and Shipping Address.
  • We then ship the hair under your company name and then inform you of the tracking number
  • Its that easy!

Benefits of Drop shipping

  • No need to invest in a large stock of bundles
  • minimize risk and cost
  • Run your business from anywhere
  • We take care of the hassle of stocking large amounts of Bundles
  • You will access to DropShip Prices ( drop ship prices are only $10 more per bundle then wholesale)

Sign up for raw hair drop shipping for a low monthly rate of $34.99 this will give you access to raw hair at drop ship prices without having to purchase a large stock of bundles

Your First payment is for $133.99 ( $99.00 one time set up charge + $34.99 monthly set up fee)

***Please note you will be billed automatically the same time every month 34.99 for your monthly membership fee. You can cancel your membership at any time***